Avoid Damage from Reflective Sunlight / Heat

Prices for synthetic turf are now more affordable and there is relatively little maintenance involved compared with a natural grass surface as there is no need for mowing, weed killers, watering etc. This increase in installations of artificial grass surfacing means many more people are enjoying high quality and aesthetically beautiful turf surfaces at home and in public sports areas. However there can be some reflective heat problems with synthetic grass which are sometimes difficult to avoid.

Extreme levels of Ultra Violet radiation bombard Australia in summer. APT have developed the best ways of tolerating it…….Avoid Damage from Reflective Sunlight Heat

APT Just Got Cooler


In 2013, after years of development and funding Southwest Greens launched a cooling solution unique to our industry. It’s no secret that synthetic turf can become hot, especially during the summer months. With HydroChill you now have the ability to control surface temperatures by 16-28 degrees Celsius once hydrated.

Extensive testing in both laboratory and real world outdoor settings has produced a revolutionary product. Strong science and independent testing have finally brought smart solutions to savvy consumers.

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